How can I help you?

I’m excited you’re here, learning how we can work together to strategically help you land the job of your dreams in Australia!

  1. Do you have a custom resume ready for Australia... or are you finding that you are getting nothing but rejections from employers?
  2. Do you have a job action plan for Australia... or do you find yourself unsure how to take your big vision and turn it into achievable, check-off-able step-by-step goals?
  3. Are you experiencing the FREEDOM you wished moving to Australia would bring... or are you experiencing the hopelessness that comes from feeling stressed without a job?

I understand what you are going through.

A MESSAGE FROM AILIS {Founder of tribus lingua}

I get it. I have been there myself. Moving to Australia is one of the most challenging {and rewarding} journeys you’ll ever experience. And too often, I see the most amazing, professional migrants with years of experience struggle because they try to do it all themselves and never reach out for support and guidance.

When I arrived in Sydney I was unaware of the competition for jobs. I had done very little research and planning. I made incorrect assumptions about the Australian job market. One of my main assumptions was because I was Irish and had a successful corporate career it would be easy for me to get a job. Doesn’t everybody love the Irish!!

I knew very little about the job market in my field. I had no idea how different the Australian IT market was and what jobs to apply for with my skills. I even used a two-page resume, which is not usual in Australia.

For the first three months I felt like I was on holidays. It was a joyful experience to go to the beaches and I felt very relaxed. Once time passed I started to worry about finances and how long I and my partner could survive without jobs. The initial excitement wore off and I missed my friends and family.

I started job-hunting in earnest. I used online job boards and sent my application to roles I thought I suited. My job-hunting action at this point was the typical mistaken process every other new migrant uses. I would sit at home on my computer and keep sending out resumes over and over again thinking it’s a numbers game. I either heard nothing back or I was sent a polite email rejection. I found this very confronting and I began to lose confidence in myself. Weeks passed with no sign of any possibility to get a job. I began to get really down on myself and it became a very dark time that I won’t forget. I began to question my decision and regretted moving to Australia. During this time I got into a state of mind that was depressing, it felt like a broken record with thoughts constantly repeating about getting a job.

It’s the body’s natural mechanism to deal with fear. Our reaction to fear is fight or flight and I used dark thoughts to try and escape what I perceived to be a terrible situation. Later on I would realize that this is a construct of the mind and is not remotely helpful!

This happens all the time to the majority of migrants who come here unprepared for the challenge.

The brain starts questioning:
Should I have gone?
What am I doing here?
Did I make the right decision?

And this leads you to start to blame Australia and not yourself.

Would you hire a person in this state of mind? No. This is not an emotional state that makes getting a job possible.

Australia is unique and different.

Australia’s systems differ dramatically from the rest of the Western world.

What did I discover?

I engaged a professional career specialist to re-write my resume. Now, with my resume re-written and doing lots of industry research I got job interviews almost immediately. I was close to taking a job.

My heart knew that I needed to do something else so I make the courageous decision to set up my own company and moved to Melbourne all in one go. I met lots of migrants in similar circumstances. I knew that I could help migrants master the challenges of moving to Australia.

As a result of my own experience I am uniquely positioned to help migrants succeed.

The things that bring about my success rate with migrants is twenty years of corporate experience interviewing and hiring staff as a senior manager so I know what employers are looking for.

I have overcome the migrant challenge of succeeding in Australia myself. My experience includes interviewing people of different nationalities (including hundreds of people from IT, engineering, accounting and management). My experience working in different cultures gives me a greater understanding of what you need.

Carolina Gaitan

Ailis is an amazing coach, I was very lucky to find and get coaching from her a few months before my arrival in Melbourne. I landed a great job in five weeks as a result of the coaching. Friends keep asking how I did it.

- Carolina Gaitan {from Colombia, now working as a Marketing Manager in Melbourne}

Niva Raman

Australia is very different to Malaysia. The difference in my RESUME before and after was amazing. Ailis did an incredible job and coached me all the way through to successfully get interviews and land a Senior Finance Managers job.

- Niva Raman {Senior Finance manager from Selangor Malaysia}

1 x 1 MIGRANT JOB COACHING {What we will cover}

Our time together will be tailored to help you gain momentum and confidence to get the RIGHT job FAST in Australia! We will map out the best strategies for your job-hunting process.

Through 5 personal skype sessions we will cover the following:

  • Custom Resume – We will work together to create a resume that grabs hiring manager’s attention in 20 seconds. Your resume will spotlight how you can make employers more successful. Your resume will convince Australian employers you are the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Custom Cover Letter – We will create a cover letter that illustrates your skills and experience for the job. A powerful cover letter will get the attention of the hiring manager.
  • Tailoring Your Resume and Cover Letter – You will learn how to tailor your resume AND cover letter to match the role. Each company may have the same job title but EVERY job ad is different. Tailoring increases your chances of getting to your dream job.
  • Company Research and Industry Knowledge – You will learn how to research and understand the job market for your discipline. This will save you time as your job search has a very clear direction.
  • Linkedin Profile – You will get a full career review using your resume as the basis for your linkedin profile. We will create a highly professional optimised profile that sets you apart form other candidates.
  • Interview Practice – we will rehearse and record audio files of practice interviews. You will develop the confidence you need through practice to succeed at the interview.
Ade Akinbola

Double blessings – Ailis's coaching was incredible. I got a job as a Business Banker with one of Australia's leading banks and guess what my wife got a customer service Banking Job also in the very same week. We are thrilled – we could not have done this without you.

- Ade Akinbola {from Nigeria now working as a Business Banker in Melbourne}.

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